• Mar Morán

    Music only makes me stronger. Music speaks to the heart in ways words cannot express.

  • Mar Moran

    We hold our notes longer, better, and higher. We put the mental in instrumental and the cool in musicool.



"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul" (Platon)

Mar Morán studied recorder at the Badajoz Conservatory and singing at the Escuela Superior de canto in Madrid.

Among others, he studied with Elena Muñoz Valdelomar, Victoria Manso, David Mason, Alicia Amo, Alex Ashworth, Sandra Medeiros, Armando Possante, Sylvia Schwartz, Stéphanie d'Oustrac, Anna Maria Ferrante, Boris Ignatov, Helen Tintes-Schuermann, Giulio Zappa, Charlotte Margiono, Dietrich Henschel y Plácido Domingo.

Mar has received different awards such as the Extraordinary Prize and the Scholarship of Musical Youths of the Community of Madrid. In addition, she worked as a titular soprano in the Choir of the Teatro Real in Madrid for several seasons.

He is currently doing a postgraduate course at the International Academy of Opera in Ghent (Belgium).



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Lanzamiento «Luna Clara» (New) 12 de Febrero 2021

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Morán's relationship with García Leoz's music is not occasional. With the help of his repertoire pianist Aurelio Viribay, he has been getting to know the repertoire written for singing and piano by the composer from Olite (Navarra) during the last few years. From him she has already interpreted several blocks of his music in concerts offered for [...]



“Remembranzas Líricas I”

Soprano:  Mar Morán
Piano:  Jose Luis Pérez
Compositor:  Ruben García Martín
Sound inlet  Jesús Muela Gallardo
Live recording
Iglesia Saints Jean et Étienne aux Minimes (Brussels)  7/12/2018
Ciclo internacional de conciertos del CIACC
Concurso Internacional Amadeus de Composición Coral
CIACC 2018 (INAEM – Junta de Extremadura – Diputación Provincial de Badajoz)
  1. Si me llaman a mi me llaman Mar Moran 05:35
  2. Agora que soy niña Mar Moran 04:15
  3. ¿qué razón podéis tener? Mar Moran 04:08
  4. ¿Quándo, quándo? Mar Moran 03:29
  5. Soledad tengo de ti Mar Moran 04:15


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